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Grooming isn't just nail clipping
So what do we do?

*Grooming charges in home page*

-Nail clipping, because the longer the nail grow, the longer the kwik(flesh) will grow along,making it difficult to trim down to a appropriate length. Depending on your rabbit, some bunny nails may grow 1-2mm within 2 weeks.

-Paw pad reshaping, so that it allows bunnies to have a better grip.However, do provide them with a mat or carpet in their play area to provide ultimate comfort!They might even binky too ;) Slippery floor due to no proper grip may cause bunny front paw to splay side wards (almost like they're swimming) permanently.

-Gentile scent gland cleaning should be done as frequent as they need to get their nails trimmed as the "pouch" produces substances which if left uncleaned, may infect the gland area.

-Ear cleaning, although it is healthy and normal for bunnies to produce ear wax, waiting too long and ignoring built ups might cause ear infections such as head tilts, loss of appetite, behaviour change or even cold like symptoms such as discharge around the eyes, nose and ears. Symptoms for ear mites may range from itching of ears/head area very frequently / hair loss.

-Brushing/combing helps to loosen and puff up the overall fur

-Dry foam and powder bath helps to condition and smooth up their fur respectively. Both is optional, so do feel free to opt out of it if uncomfortable. Not recommended for bonded bunnies as they WILL smell different but not for very long.

-Dematte (Removal of clump tangle fur) helps to prevent worm infestation, balding and possibly pee burn.

-Deshedding (removal of loose shedding fur) to prevent ingestion when they self groom. As Rabbit have no ability to vomit or process fur ball, overtime may cause gut stasis which can be very deadly if left untreated / un-noticed

-Body Fur Trim only for long fur bunny

-SImple butt trim for all bunnies

-There will be short term use of clippers on heavily matted / long coat bunnies (before further styling). This is ultimately a more humane & safe method to reduce the session duration when scissoring isn’t as effective or safe.

**Dematte/Deshed from $0-$50 depending on severity on fur condition**

-Revoluton +$10/dose <2.5kg , $15>2.5kg active against fur mites, ear mites, sarcoptes mites as well as fleas.

-Overall physical checks are important so that we all would know the physique status of your bunnies. Things we look out for are oral health(front),odd growth around the body, fleas/mites, sarcoptic mange and many more.

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